Steven Carlyle Moore

Dandelion Rider, 2011

Steven Carlyle Moore is a Minneapolis-based visual artist with a studio in the Solar Arts Building in NE Mpls.

Steve is the winner of numerous awards and scholarships for his art, including the 2008 juried show/Purchase Prize at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, the Carter Prize for Painting, the Quirty Prize for Painting, the Berman Award for Fine Art, and others. He’s been a part of several solo and group shows, including Guest Artist at Steadfast Studios, solo and group shows at Altered Aesthetics, the Solar Arts Building, Do the Dow, the St. Paul Art Crawl, the Fox Egg Gallery, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Outsiders and Others Gallery, Creative Electric Studios, and more.

Ice cream trucks, Big Wheels, bat kites, buses, trains, people and animals, and the ephemera of city life all make appearances in Steve’s art. As a post-modern expressionist outsider artist, he use figures, familiar or unusual settings and create something new with them. By defamiliarizing the familiar, each piece tells a story—creating a new reality that is at times funny, dark, and strange in hopes of engaging the viewer in a new way. 



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